GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434

API for the transaction logger. More...

#include "Account.h"
#include "Transaction.h"

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void xaccOpenLog (void)
void xaccCloseLog (void)
void xaccReopenLog (void)
void xaccTransWriteLog (Transaction *trans, char flag)
void xaccLogEnable (void)
 document me
void xaccLogDisable (void)
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void xaccLogSetBaseName (const char *)
 The xaccLogSetBaseName() method sets the base filepath and the root part of the journal file name. More...
gboolean xaccFileIsCurrentLog (const gchar *name)
 Test a filename to see if it is the name of the current logfile.

Detailed Description

API for the transaction logger.

Copyright (C) 1998 Linas Vepstas

Definition in file TransLog.h.