GnuCash  4.12-558-g06612b8434
Scrub3.c File Reference

Constrain Cap Gains to Track Sources of Gains. More...

#include <config.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include "cap-gains.h"
#include "gnc-commodity.h"
#include "gnc-engine.h"
#include "gnc-lot.h"
#include "policy-p.h"
#include "Account.h"
#include "AccountP.h"
#include "Scrub2.h"
#include "Scrub3.h"
#include "Transaction.h"
#include "TransactionP.h"

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gboolean xaccScrubLot (GNCLot *lot)
 The xaccScrubLot() routine makes sure that the indicated lot is self-consistent and properly balanced, and fixes it if its not. More...
void xaccAccountScrubLots (Account *acc)
 The xaccAccountScrubLots() routine makes sure that every split in the account is assigned to a lot, and that then, every lot is self-consistent (by calling xaccScrubLot() on each lot). More...
void xaccAccountTreeScrubLots (Account *acc)

Detailed Description

Constrain Cap Gains to Track Sources of Gains.

Created by Linas Vepstas Sept 2003
Copyright (c) 2003,2004 Linas Vepstas

Provides a set of functions and utilities for checking and repairing ('scrubbing clean') the usage of Cap Gains transactions in stock and commodity accounts.

Definition in file Scrub3.c.