GnuCash  2.6.18
Todo List
Global gnc_collection_get_pricedb (QofCollection *col)
Collections of prices are not destroyed fully.
Class GNCCurrencyAcc
This structure and the non-GUI code that computes it's values should move into the engine.
Global KvpValueType

: People have asked for boolean values, e.g. in xaccAccountSetAutoInterestXfer

In the long run, this should be synchronized with the core QOF types, which in turn should be synced to the g_types in GLib. Unfortunately, this requires writing a pile of code to handle all of the different cases. An alternative might be to make kvp values inherit from the core g_types (i.e. add new core g_types) ??

Global qof_session_save (QofSession *session, QofPercentageFunc percentage_func)
check the access_method too, not in scope here, yet.
Global xaccTransRollbackEdit (Transaction *trans)
Fix transrollbackedit in QOF so that rollback is exposed via the API.