GnuCash  4.12-73-g094a971c03+
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table-layout.h File Reference
#include "basiccell.h"
#include "cellblock.h"

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#define CURSOR_HEADER   "cursor-header"
 Standard Cursor Names.


TableLayout * gnc_table_layout_new (void)
 API Declarations.
void gnc_table_layout_destroy (TableLayout *layout)
void gnc_table_layout_add_cell (TableLayout *layout, BasicCell *cell)
BasicCell * gnc_table_layout_get_cell (TableLayout *layout, const char *cell_name)
const char * gnc_table_layout_get_cell_value (TableLayout *layout, const char *cell_name)
gboolean gnc_table_layout_get_cell_changed (TableLayout *layout, const char *cell_name, gboolean include_conditional)
GList * gnc_table_layout_get_cells (TableLayout *layout)
void gnc_table_layout_add_cursor (TableLayout *layout, CellBlock *cursor)
CellBlockgnc_table_layout_get_cursor (TableLayout *layout, const char *cursor_name)
GList * gnc_table_layout_get_cursors (TableLayout *layout)
void gnc_table_layout_set_primary_cursor (TableLayout *layout, CellBlock *cursor)
void gnc_table_layout_set_cell (TableLayout *layout, CellBlock *cursor, const char *cell_name, int row, int col)
CursorBuffer * gnc_cursor_buffer_new (void)
void gnc_cursor_buffer_destroy (CursorBuffer *buffer)
void gnc_table_layout_save_cursor (TableLayout *layout, CellBlock *cursor, CursorBuffer *buffer)
void gnc_table_layout_restore_cursor (TableLayout *layout, CellBlock *cursor, CursorBuffer *buffer)