GnuCash  4.11-137-g155922540d+
Data Fields
parser_env_ptr Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned stack_cnt
unsigned stack_size
var_store_ptr * stack
var_store_ptr predefined_vars
var_store_ptr named_vars
var_store_ptr unnamed_vars
const char * parse_str
gchar * radix_point
gchar * group_char
char name [128]
char Token
char asn_op
char * tokens
char * token_tail
ParseError error_code
void * numeric_value
void *(* trans_numeric )(const char *digit_str, gchar *radix_point, gchar *group_char, char **rstr)
void *(* numeric_ops )(char op_sym, void *left_value, void *right_value)
void *(* negate_numeric )(void *value)
void(* free_numeric )(void *numeric_value)
void *(* func_op )(const char *fname, int argc, void **argv)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 400 of file expression_parser.c.

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