GnuCash  4.11-137-g155922540d+
Data Fields
amort_sched_ptr Struct Reference

Data Fields

unsigned n
double nint
double pv
double pmt
double fv
unsigned CF
unsigned PF
unsigned disc
unsigned bep
unsigned prec
unsigned year_E
unsigned month_E
unsigned day_E
unsigned year_I
unsigned month_I
unsigned day_I
unsigned option
char summary
double eint
double bp
double total_interest
unsigned total_periods
unsigned long yr_pmt
double final_pmt_opt_1
double final_pmt_opt_2
double final_pmt_opt_3
double final_pmt_opt_4
double final_pmt_opt_5
double final_pmt_opt_6
double final_pmt
double pve
double new_pmt
double cpmt
double cpmt1
double cpmt2
double delayed_int
double fixed_pmt
unsigned new_n
unsigned fv_case
unsigned long Eff_Date_jdn
unsigned yday_E
unsigned long Init_Date_jdn
unsigned yday_I
union {
   amort_sched_yr_ptr   first_yr
   yearly_summary_ptr   summary

Detailed Description

Definition at line 158 of file finvar.h.

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