GnuCash  4.13-177-g21dd8aa057+
Data Fields
GnucashSheet Struct Reference

Data Fields

GtkLayout layout
GtkWidget * window
GtkWidget * popup
gpointer popup_data
Table * table
gboolean read_only
GtkWidget * reg
gint num_virt_rows
gint num_virt_cols
GtkWidget * header_item
GHashTable * cursor_styles
GHashTable * dimensions_hash_table
GtkWidget * item_editor
GtkWidget * entry
gboolean use_gnc_color_theme
gboolean use_horizontal_lines
gboolean use_vertical_lines
gboolean input_cancelled
gint num_visible_blocks
gint num_visible_phys_rows
gint width
gint height
gint window_height
gint window_width
gint editing
gboolean sheet_has_focus
guint button
gboolean grabbed
gdouble button_x
gdouble button_y
guint insert_signal
guint delete_signal
GtkAdjustment * hadj
GtkAdjustment * vadj
GtkWidget * hscrollbar
GtkWidget * vscrollbar
GFunc moved_cb
gpointer moved_cb_data
GFunc open_doclink_cb
gpointer open_doclink_cb_data
guint shift_state
guint keyval_state
gboolean direct_update_cell
int pos
 Indicates that this cell has special operation keys. More...
int bound

Detailed Description

Definition at line 37 of file gnucash-sheetP.h.

Field Documentation

◆ pos

int GnucashSheet::pos

Indicates that this cell has special operation keys.

Definition at line 105 of file gnucash-sheetP.h.

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