GnuCash  4.13-177-g21dd8aa057+
Data Fields
GncItemEdit Struct Reference

Data Fields

GtkBox hbox
GnucashSheet * sheet
GtkWidget * editor
gulong preedit_length
gboolean is_popup
gboolean show_popup
PopupToggle popup_toggle
GtkWidget * popup_item
PopupGetHeight popup_get_height
PopupAutosize popup_autosize
PopupSetFocus popup_set_focus
PopupPostShow popup_post_show
PopupGetWidth popup_get_width
gpointer popup_user_data
gint popup_returned_height
gulong popup_height_signal_id
GtkBorder padding
GtkBorder margin
GtkBorder border
gint button_width
VirtualLocation virt_loc
SheetBlockStyle * style

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file gnucash-item-edit.h.

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