GnuCash  4.13-74-g66d9f1383e+
Data Fields
GncBudgetViewPrivate Struct Reference

the private budget view structure More...

Data Fields

GtkTreeView * tree_view
GtkTreeView * totals_tree_view
GtkWidget * totals_scroll_window
GtkAdjustment * hadj
GncBudget * budget
GncGUID key
gboolean use_red_color
GList * period_col_list
GList * totals_col_list
GtkTreeViewColumn * total_col
gboolean show_account_code
gboolean show_account_desc
GtkCellRenderer * temp_cr
GtkCellEditable * temp_ce

Detailed Description

the private budget view structure

This structure defines the different elements required for a budget view - the actual display of how a budget looks when you open it.

tree_viewPointer to the widget to display the detailed budget.
totals_tree_viewPointer to the widget to display the totals tree at the bottom of the budget screen.
totals_scroll_windowthe main scrolled window for the totals tree view
hadjthe account scroll window horizontal adjustment
budgetContains much of the data required to implement a budget.
keyEach budget struct has its own GUID.
period_col_listList of columns in the tree_view widget (this list varies depending on the number of periods)
totals_col_listList of columns in the totals_tree_view
total_colThe totals column on the right of all the accounts.
fdNo idea what this does.

Definition at line 155 of file gnc-budget-view.c.

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