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Example Script to read historic stock data into gnucash. More...

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string quotes_historic.FILE = "./test.gnucash"
string quotes_historic.url = "xml://"+FILE
 quotes_historic.f = open('INTC')
list = []
 quotes_historic.tmp = f.readline()
list quotes_historic.stock_date = []
list quotes_historic.stock_price = []
 quotes_historic.year = int(data[i].rsplit(',')[1].rsplit('/')[0])
 quotes_historic.month = int(data[i].rsplit(',')[1].rsplit('/')[1]) = int(data[i].rsplit(',')[1].rsplit('/')[2])
 quotes_historic.session = Session(url, True, False, False)
 quotes_historic.root = =
 quotes_historic.account = book.get_root_account()
 quotes_historic.pdb = book.get_price_db()
 quotes_historic.comm_table = book.get_table() = find_account(account,'Intel')[0]
 quotes_historic.stock = ac.GetCommodity()
 quotes_historic.cur = ac.GetSplitList()[0].GetParent().GetCurrency() = pdb.get_prices(stock,cur)
 quotes_historic.pl0 = pl[0]
 quotes_historic.p_new = pl0.clone(book)
 quotes_historic.v = p_new.get_value()

Detailed Description

Example Script to read historic stock data into gnucash.

Peter Holtermann
January 2011

Call the perl-script


first to achieve data into file INTC which can thereafter be imported to GnuCash using this script.

For explanation of use have a look at the wiki:

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