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Object instance holds common fields that most gnucash objects use. More...

#include "qofid.h"
#include "guid.h"
#include "gnc-date.h"
#include "qof-gobject.h"

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Data Structures

struct  QofInstance
struct  QofInstanceClass


#define QOF_TYPE_INSTANCE   (qof_instance_get_type ())
#define qof_instance_is_dirty   qof_instance_get_dirty
 Return value of is_dirty flag.


GType qof_instance_get_type (void)
 Return the GType of a QofInstance.
void qof_instance_init_data (QofInstance *, QofIdType, QofBook *)
 Initialise the settings associated with an instance.
QofBook * qof_instance_get_book (gconstpointer)
 Return the book pointer.
void qof_instance_set_book (gconstpointer inst, QofBook *book)
 Set the book pointer.
void qof_instance_copy_book (gpointer ptr1, gconstpointer ptr2)
 Copy the book from one QofInstances to another. More...
gboolean qof_instance_books_equal (gconstpointer ptr1, gconstpointer ptr2)
 See if two QofInstances share the same book. More...
const GncGUIDqof_instance_get_guid (gconstpointer)
 Return the GncGUID of this instance.
const GncGUIDqof_entity_get_guid (gconstpointer)
QofCollection * qof_instance_get_collection (gconstpointer inst)
 Return the collection this instance belongs to.
gint qof_instance_guid_compare (const gconstpointer ptr1, const gconstpointer ptr2)
 Compare the GncGUID values of two instances. More...
gint qof_instance_get_editlevel (gconstpointer ptr)
int qof_instance_version_cmp (const QofInstance *left, const QofInstance *right)
 Compare two instances, based on their last update times. More...
gboolean qof_instance_get_destroying (gconstpointer ptr)
 Retrieve the flag that indicates whether or not this object is about to be destroyed. More...
gboolean qof_instance_get_dirty_flag (gconstpointer ptr)
 Retrieve the flag that indicates whether or not this object has been modified. More...
void qof_instance_print_dirty (const QofInstance *entity, gpointer dummy)
gboolean qof_instance_get_dirty (QofInstance *)
gboolean qof_instance_get_infant (const QofInstance *inst)
void qof_instance_get (const QofInstance *inst, const gchar *first_param,...)
 Wrapper for g_object_get.
void qof_instance_set (QofInstance *inst, const gchar *first_param,...)
 Wrapper for g_object_set Group setting multiple parameters in a single begin/commit/rollback.
guint32 qof_instance_get_idata (gconstpointer inst)
 get the instance tag number used for kvp management in sql backends. More...
gchar * qof_instance_get_display_name (const QofInstance *inst)
 Returns a displayable name for this object. More...
GList * qof_instance_get_referring_object_list (const QofInstance *inst)
 Returns a list of objects which refer to a specific object. More...
gboolean qof_instance_refers_to_object (const QofInstance *inst, const QofInstance *ref)
 Does this object refer to a specific object.
GList * qof_instance_get_typed_referring_object_list (const QofInstance *inst, const QofInstance *ref)
 Returns a list of my type of object which refers to an object. More...
GList * qof_instance_get_referring_object_list_from_collection (const QofCollection *coll, const QofInstance *ref)
 Returns a list of objects from the collection which refer to the specific object. More...

Detailed Description

Object instance holds common fields that most gnucash objects use.

Copyright (C) 2003,2004 Linas Vepstas
Copyright (c) 2007 David Hampton

Definition in file qofinstance.h.