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Python invoice export

The goal of these example scripts is to export invoices to LaTeX or other output formats as desired.


    A first approach which exports invoice data to an .lco file which is subsequently included into the template

    • Templates:
      • Invoice.tex

        File derived vom scrlttr2.tex v0.3. by Juergen Fenn.

        rechnung.sty is used to create the table of entries


    A second step. Imports jinja2 templates and fills in the invoices values. More flexibility in creating the output files. Output can be anything: LaTeX, HTML, CSV, XML, ...

    • Templates:
      • Invoice.tex.tmpl

        LaTeX template using rechnung.sty, close to the one used by

      • Invoice_2.tex.tmpl

        LaTeX template using a table to fill in the invoices values. No rechnung.sty required.


    Some helping functions. Included by and

Goals / Issues:
  • How much logic in the template, how much preprocessing in the python script ?
  • Internationalization - currencies, formatting of numbers, templates
  • Providing data of gnucash owner.

    At the moment this has to be put into the invoices (template/final file) by hand. Access of this data is in KVPs. No support in python-bindings at the moment. c-API to access these values is work in progress. A fork to access these is This is very much work in progress. A discussion can be found in thread

  • A jinja2 template mimicking the original html invoices
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