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print-session.h File Reference

Functions for printing. More...

#include <gtk/gtk.h>

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#define GNC_GTK_PRINT_SETTINGS_EXPORT_DIR   "gnc-pdf-export-directory"
 Key for saving the PDF-export directory in the print settings.


void gnc_print_operation_save_print_settings (GtkPrintOperation *op)
 Retrieve the print settings from the GtkPrintOperation op and save them in a static variable. More...
void gnc_print_operation_init (GtkPrintOperation *op, const gchar *jobname)
 If print settings have been saved by gnc_print_operation_save_print_settings(), then set them on the given GtkPrintOperation op. More...
void gnc_ui_page_setup (GtkWindow *parent)
 Run a page setup dialog and save the resulting GtkPageSetup in a static variable. More...
GtkPrintSettings * gnc_print_get_settings (void)
 Returns the pointer to our static GtkPrintSettings object. More...

Detailed Description

Functions for printing.

Copyright (C) 2000 Bill Gribble

Definition in file print-session.h.