GnuCash  4.14+
import-settings.h File Reference

Import preference handling. More...

#include "import-utilities.h"

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GNCImportSettings * gnc_import_Settings_new (void)
 Allocates a new GNCImportSettings object, and initialize it with the appropriate user prefs.
void gnc_import_Settings_delete (GNCImportSettings *settings)
Getters/Setters for GNCImportSettings
double gnc_import_Settings_get_fuzzy_amount (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the allowed amount range for fuzzy amount matching. More...
gboolean gnc_import_Settings_get_action_skip_enabled (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected action is enable state.
gboolean gnc_import_Settings_get_action_add_enabled (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected action is enable state.
gboolean gnc_import_Settings_get_action_update_enabled (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected action is enable state.
gboolean gnc_import_Settings_get_action_clear_enabled (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected action is enable state.
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_clear_threshold (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected threshold.
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_add_threshold (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected threshold.
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_display_threshold (GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Return the selected threshold.
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_date_threshold (GNCImportSettings *settings)
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_date_not_threshold (GNCImportSettings *settings)
void gnc_import_Settings_set_match_date_hardlimit (GNCImportSettings *s, gint m)
gint gnc_import_Settings_get_match_date_hardlimit (const GNCImportSettings *settings)
 Returns the hard-limiting number of days that a matching split may differ. More...

Detailed Description

Import preference handling.

User preference interface for transaction matching (for both the gui and the backend)

Copyright (C) 2002 Benoit Grégoire

Definition in file import-settings.h.