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gnucash-sheetP.h File Reference

Private declarations for GnucashSheet class. More...

#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "gnucash-sheet.h"
#include "gnucash-item-edit.h"
#include "gnucash-cursor.h"

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Data Structures

struct  GnucashSheet
struct  GnucashSheetClass


GncItemEditgnucash_sheet_get_item_edit (GnucashSheet *sheet)
void gnucash_sheet_set_popup (GnucashSheet *sheet, GtkWidget *popup, gpointer data)
void gnucash_sheet_goto_virt_loc (GnucashSheet *sheet, VirtualLocation virt_loc)
void gnucash_sheet_refresh_from_prefs (GnucashSheet *sheet)
gboolean gnucash_sheet_find_loc_by_pixel (GnucashSheet *sheet, gint x, gint y, VirtualLocation *vcell_loc)
gboolean gnucash_sheet_draw_internal (GnucashSheet *sheet, cairo_t *cr, GtkAllocation *alloc)
void gnucash_sheet_draw_cursor (GnucashCursor *cursor, cairo_t *cr)

Detailed Description

Private declarations for GnucashSheet class.

Definition in file gnucash-sheetP.h.