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gnc-split-reg2.h File Reference
#include "gnc-ledger-display2.h"
#include "gnc-split-reg.h"
#include "gnc-tree-view-split-reg.h"

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Data Structures

struct  GNCSplitReg2
struct  GNCSplitReg2Class


#define GNC_SPLIT_REG2(obj)   G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_CAST( obj, gnc_split_reg2_get_type(), GNCSplitReg2 )
#define GNC_SPLIT_REG2_CLASS(klass)   G_TYPE_CHECK_CLASS_CAST( klass, gnc_split_reg2_get_type(), GNCSplitReg2Class )
#define IS_GNC_SPLIT_REG2(obj)   G_TYPE_CHECK_INSTANCE_TYPE( obj, gnc_split_reg2_get_type() )




GType gnc_split_reg2_get_type (void)
 GTK-related; gets an identifier for the class of GNCSplitRegs.
GtkWidget * gnc_split_reg2_new (GNCLedgerDisplay2 *ld, GtkWindow *parent, gint numberOfLines, gboolean read_only)
 Creates and returns a GNCSplitReg. More...
GncTreeViewSplitReggnc_split_reg2_get_register (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr)
 Returns the GncTreeView Split Register in effect for this GNCSplitReg.
GtkWidget * gnc_split_reg2_create_summary_bar (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr)
 Create and returns a summarybar for this GNCSplitReg.
void gnc_split_reg2_change_style (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr, SplitRegisterStyle2 style)
 Gets/sets the style of the GNCSplitReg.
GtkWidget * gnc_split_reg2_get_summarybar (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr)
 Can return NULL if the indicated subwidget was not created.
void gnc_split_reg2_jump_to_split (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr, Split *split)
 Jump to split.
void gnc_split_reg2_jump_to_split_amount (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr, Split *split)
 Move the cursor to the split in the non-blank amount column.
void gnc_split_reg2_raise (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr)
 Raise an existing register window to the front.
gboolean gnc_split_reg2_get_read_only (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr)
 Callers can use this to determine if they need to reflect some "read-only" status in the window which contains the GNCSplitReg. More...
void gnc_split_reg2_balancing_entry (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr, Account *account, time64 statement_date, gnc_numeric balancing_amount)
void gnc_split_reg2_set_moved_cb (GNCSplitReg2 *gsr, GFunc cb, gpointer cb_data)