GnuCash  4.12-74-g36b33262ad+
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#include "qof.h"
#include "gnc-engine.h"
#include "gncInvoice.h"

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Data Structures

struct  GncLotClass


#define GNCLotClass   GncLotClass
#define GNC_TYPE_LOT   (gnc_lot_get_type ())
#define gnc_lot_get_guid(X)   qof_entity_get_guid(QOF_INSTANCE(X))
#define LOT_IS_CLOSED   "is-closed?"
#define LOT_BALANCE   "balance"
#define LOT_TITLE   "lot-title"
#define LOT_NOTES   "notes"


GType gnc_lot_get_type (void)
GNCLot * gnc_lot_new (QofBook *)
void gnc_lot_destroy (GNCLot *)
GNCLot * gnc_lot_lookup (const GncGUID *guid, QofBook *book)
QofBook * gnc_lot_get_book (GNCLot *)
void gnc_lot_begin_edit (GNCLot *lot)
void gnc_lot_commit_edit (GNCLot *lot)
void gnc_lot_add_split (GNCLot *, Split *)
 The gnc_lot_add_split() routine adds a split to this lot. More...
void gnc_lot_remove_split (GNCLot *, Split *)
SplitListgnc_lot_get_split_list (const GNCLot *)
 The gnc_lot_get_split_list() routine returns a GList of all the splits in this lot. More...
gint gnc_lot_count_splits (const GNCLot *)
Accountgnc_lot_get_account (const GNCLot *)
 The gnc_lot_get_account() routine returns the account with which this lot is associated. More...
void gnc_lot_set_account (GNCLot *, Account *)
GncInvoice * gnc_lot_get_cached_invoice (const GNCLot *lot)
 The gnc_lot_get_cached_invoice() routine returns the invoice with which this lot is associated. More...
void gnc_lot_set_cached_invoice (GNCLot *lot, GncInvoice *invoice)
gnc_numeric gnc_lot_get_balance (GNCLot *)
 The gnc_lot_get_balance() routine returns the balance of the lot. More...
void gnc_lot_get_balance_before (const GNCLot *, const Split *, gnc_numeric *, gnc_numeric *)
 The gnc_lot_get_balance_before routine computes both the balance and value in the lot considering only splits in transactions prior to the one containing the given split or other splits in the same transaction. More...
gboolean gnc_lot_is_closed (GNCLot *)
 The gnc_lot_is_closed() routine returns a boolean flag: is this lot closed? A lot is closed if its balance is zero. More...
Split * gnc_lot_get_earliest_split (GNCLot *lot)
 The gnc_lot_get_earliest_split() routine is a convenience routine that helps identify the earliest date in the lot. More...
Split * gnc_lot_get_latest_split (GNCLot *lot)
 The gnc_lot_get_latest_split() routine is a convenience routine that helps identify the date this lot was closed. More...
void gnc_lot_set_closed_unknown (GNCLot *)
 Reset closed flag so that it will be recalculated. More...
const char * gnc_lot_get_title (const GNCLot *)
 Get and set the account title, or the account notes, or the marker. More...
const char * gnc_lot_get_notes (const GNCLot *)
void gnc_lot_set_title (GNCLot *, const char *)
void gnc_lot_set_notes (GNCLot *, const char *)
GNCLot * gnc_lot_make_default (Account *acc)
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Detailed Description

Created by Linas Vepstas May 2002
Copyright (c) 2002,2003 Linas Vepstas

Definition in file gnc-lot.h.