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gnc-ledger-display.h File Reference

Public declarations for GncLedgerDisplay class. More...

#include <glib.h>
#include "Account.h"
#include "Query.h"
#include "split-register.h"
#include "SchedXaction.h"
#include "Transaction.h"

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typedef void(* GNCLedgerDisplayDestroy) (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
typedef GtkWidget *(* GNCLedgerDisplayGetParent) (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
typedef void(* GNCLedgerDisplaySetHelp) (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld, const char *help_str)


enum  GNCLedgerDisplayType { LD_SINGLE, LD_SUBACCOUNT, LD_GL }


Accountgnc_ledger_display_leader (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
 returns the 'lead' account of a ledger display, or NULL if none. More...
GNCLedgerDisplayType gnc_ledger_display_type (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
void gnc_ledger_display_set_user_data (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld, gpointer user_data)
 get and set the user data associated with the ledger
gpointer gnc_ledger_display_get_user_data (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
void gnc_ledger_display_set_handlers (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld, GNCLedgerDisplayDestroy destroy, GNCLedgerDisplayGetParent get_parent)
 set the handlers used by the ledger display
GtkWidget * gnc_ledger_display_get_parent (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
 Returns the parent of a given ledger display.
SplitRegister * gnc_ledger_display_get_split_register (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
 return the split register associated with a ledger display
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_simple (Account *account)
 opens up a register window to display a single account
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_subaccounts (Account *account, gboolean mismatched_commodities)
 opens up a register window to display the parent account and all of its children. More...
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_gl (void)
 opens up a general ledger window
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_template_gl (char *id)
 Displays a template ledger. More...
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_query (Query *query, SplitRegisterType type, SplitRegisterStyle style)
 display a general ledger for an arbitrary query
void gnc_ledger_display_set_query (GNCLedgerDisplay *ledger_display, Query *q)
 Set the query used for a register. More...
Query * gnc_ledger_display_get_query (GNCLedgerDisplay *ld)
 return the query associated with a ledger
GNCLedgerDisplay * gnc_ledger_display_find_by_query (Query *q)
 If the given ledger display still exists, return it. More...
void gnc_ledger_display_refresh (GNCLedgerDisplay *ledger_display)
 redisplay/redraw only the indicated window. More...
void gnc_ledger_display_refresh_by_split_register (SplitRegister *reg)
void gnc_ledger_display_close (GNCLedgerDisplay *ledger_display)
 close the window
gboolean gnc_ledger_display_default_double_line (GNCLedgerDisplay *gld)
 Returns a boolean of whether this display should be single or double lined mode by default.

Detailed Description

Public declarations for GncLedgerDisplay class.

Definition in file gnc-ledger-display.h.