GnuCash  4.14+
gnc-glib-utils.h File Reference

GLib helper routines. More...

#include <glib.h>

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Character Sets
int safe_utf8_collate (const char *str1, const char *str2)
 Collate two UTF-8 strings. More...
gboolean gnc_utf8_validate (const gchar *str, gssize max_len, const gchar **end)
 Validates UTF-8 encoded text for use in GnuCash. More...
void gnc_utf8_strip_invalid (gchar *str)
 Strip any non-UTF-8 characters from a string. More...
gchar * gnc_utf8_strip_invalid_strdup (const gchar *str)
 Returns a newly allocated copy of the given string but with any non-UTF-8 character stripped from it. More...
void gnc_utf8_strip_invalid_and_controls (gchar *str)
 Strip any non-utf8 characters and any control characters (everything < 0x20, , ,
, , , and ) from a string. More...
gchar * gnc_locale_from_utf8 (const gchar *str)
 Converts a string from UTF-8 to the encoding used for strings in the current locale. More...
gchar * gnc_locale_to_utf8 (const gchar *str)
 Converts a string to UTF-8 from the encoding used for strings in the current locale. More...
Message Logging
void gnc_scm_log_warn (const gchar *msg)
void gnc_scm_log_error (const gchar *msg)
void gnc_scm_log_msg (const gchar *msg)
void gnc_scm_log_debug (const gchar *msg)
glib Miscellaneous Functions
gchar * gnc_g_list_stringjoin (GList *list_of_strings, const gchar *sep)
 Return a string joining a GList whose elements are gchar* strings. More...
gint gnc_list_length_cmp (const GList *list, size_t len)
 Scans the GList elements the minimum number of iterations required to test it against a specified size. More...
void gnc_gpid_kill (GPid pid)
 Kill a process. More...

GList Manipulation

typedef gpointer(* GncGMapFunc) (gpointer data, gpointer user_data)
GList * gnc_g_list_map (GList *list, GncGMapFunc fn, gpointer user_data)
void gnc_g_list_cut (GList **list, GList *cut_point)
 Cut a GList into two parts; the cut_point is the beginning of the new list; list may need to be modified, but will be the list before the cut_point.

Detailed Description

GLib helper routines.

Copyright (C) 2006 David Hampton

Definition in file gnc-glib-utils.h.