GnuCash  4.14+
ledger-core Directory Reference


file  gnc-ledger-display.h [code]
 Public declarations for GncLedgerDisplay class.
file  gnc-ledger-display2.h [code]
 Public declarations for GncLedgerDisplay2 class.
file  gncEntryLedger.h [code]
file  gncEntryLedgerControl.c [code]
 Control for GncEntry ledger.
file  gncEntryLedgerControl.h [code]
file  gncEntryLedgerLayout.h [code]
file  gncEntryLedgerModel.h [code]
file  gncEntryLedgerP.h [code]
file  split-register-control.h [code]
 TableControl specialized for the SplitRegister.
file  split-register-layout.h [code]
 Create the actual register visual layout.
file  split-register-model-save.h [code]
 Save handlers for the SplitRegister Model and Template SplitRegister model.
file  split-register-model.h [code]
 TableModels specialized for SplitRegister and template SplitRegister.
file  split-register-p.h [code]
 private declarations for SplitRegister
file  split-register.h [code]
 API for checkbook register display area.