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basiccell.h File Reference
#include <gdk/gdk.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <gtk/gtk.h>
#include "gnc-ui-util.h"

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Data Structures

struct  BasicCell
 The BasicCell class provides an abstract base class defining the handling of the editing of a cell of a table. More...


typedef BasicCell *(* CellCreateFunc) (void)
typedef void(* CellSetValueFunc) (BasicCell *cell, const char *new_value)
typedef gboolean(* CellEnterFunc) (BasicCell *cell, int *cursor_position, int *start_selection, int *end_selection)
typedef void(* CellModifyVerifyFunc) (BasicCell *cell, const char *add_str, int add_str_len, const char *new_value, int new_value_len, int *cursor_position, int *start_selection, int *end_selection)
typedef gboolean(* CellDirectUpdateFunc) (BasicCell *cell, int *cursor_position, int *start_selection, int *end_selection, gpointer gui_data)
typedef void(* CellLeaveFunc) (BasicCell *cell)
typedef void(* CellRealizeFunc) (BasicCell *cell, gpointer gui_handle)
typedef void(* CellMoveFunc) (BasicCell *cell)
typedef void(* CellDestroyFunc) (BasicCell *cell)




gboolean gnc_cell_name_equal (const char *cell_name_1, const char *cell_name_2)
BasicCell * gnc_basic_cell_new (void)
void gnc_basic_cell_init (BasicCell *bcell)
void gnc_basic_cell_destroy (BasicCell *bcell)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_name (BasicCell *cell, const char *name)
gboolean gnc_basic_cell_has_name (BasicCell *cell, const char *name)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_type_name (BasicCell *cell, const gchar *type_name)
gboolean gnc_basic_cell_has_type_name (BasicCell *cell, const gchar *type_name)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_sample_text (BasicCell *cell, const char *sample_text)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_alignment (BasicCell *cell, CellAlignment alignment)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_expandable (BasicCell *cell, gboolean expandable)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_span (BasicCell *cell, gboolean span)
const char * gnc_basic_cell_get_value (BasicCell *cell)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_value (BasicCell *bcell, const char *value)
gboolean gnc_basic_cell_get_changed (BasicCell *cell)
gboolean gnc_basic_cell_get_conditionally_changed (BasicCell *cell)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_changed (BasicCell *cell, gboolean changed)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_conditionally_changed (BasicCell *cell, gboolean changed)
void gnc_basic_cell_set_value_internal (BasicCell *bcell, const char *value)
char * gnc_basic_cell_validate (BasicCell *bcell, GNCPrintAmountInfo print_info, const char *change, const char *newval, const char *toks, gint *cursor_position)