GnuCash  2.6.18
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API for Transactions and Splits (journal entries) More...

#include <time.h>
#include "gnc-commodity.h"
#include "gnc-engine.h"
#include "Split.h"

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#define GNC_TYPE_TRANSACTION   (gnc_transaction_get_type ())
#define GNC_TRANS(obj)   GNC_TRANSACTION(obj)
#define RECONCILED_MATCH_TYPE   "reconciled-match"
#define xaccTransGetBook(X)   qof_instance_get_book (QOF_INSTANCE(X))
#define xaccTransGetGUID(X)   qof_entity_get_guid(QOF_INSTANCE(X))
#define xaccTransReturnGUID(X)   (X ? *(qof_entity_get_guid(QOF_INSTANCE(X))) : *(guid_null()))
#define xaccTransGetSlots(X)   qof_instance_get_slots (QOF_INSTANCE(X))
Transaction Type field values
#define TXN_TYPE_NONE   '\0'
#define TXN_TYPE_INVOICE   'I'
#define TXN_TYPE_PAYMENT   'P'
#define TXN_TYPE_LINK   'L'
Transaction Parameter names
#define TRANS_KVP   "kvp"
#define TRANS_NUM   "num"
#define TRANS_DESCRIPTION   "desc"
#define TRANS_DATE_ENTERED   "date-entered"
#define TRANS_DATE_POSTED   "date-posted"
#define TRANS_DATE_DUE   "date-due"
#define TRANS_IMBALANCE   "trans-imbalance"
#define TRANS_IS_BALANCED   "trans-balanced?"
#define TRANS_IS_CLOSING   "trans-is-closing?"
#define TRANS_NOTES   "notes"
#define TRANS_ASSOCIATION   "assoc"
#define TRANS_TYPE   "type"
#define TRANS_VOID_STATUS   "void-p"
#define TRANS_VOID_REASON   "void-reason"
#define TRANS_VOID_TIME   "void-time"
#define TRANS_SPLITLIST   "split-list" /* for guid_match_all */


GType gnc_transaction_get_type (void)
Transaction date setters/getters
void xaccTransSetDate (Transaction *trans, int day, int mon, int year)
void xaccTransSetDatePostedGDate (Transaction *trans, GDate date)
void xaccTransSetDatePostedSecs (Transaction *trans, time64 time)
void xaccTransSetDatePostedSecsNormalized (Transaction *trans, time64 time)
void xaccTransSetDatePostedTS (Transaction *trans, const Timespec *ts)
void xaccTransSetDateEnteredSecs (Transaction *trans, time64 time)
void xaccTransSetDateEnteredTS (Transaction *trans, const Timespec *ts)
void xaccTransSetDateDueTS (Transaction *trans, const Timespec *ts)
time64 xaccTransGetDate (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransGetDatePostedTS (const Transaction *trans, Timespec *ts)
Timespec xaccTransRetDatePostedTS (const Transaction *trans)
GDate xaccTransGetDatePostedGDate (const Transaction *trans)
time64 xaccTransGetDateEntered (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransGetDateEnteredTS (const Transaction *trans, Timespec *ts)
Timespec xaccTransRetDateEnteredTS (const Transaction *trans)
Timespec xaccTransRetDateDueTS (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransGetDateDueTS (const Transaction *trans, Timespec *ts)
Transaction voiding
void xaccTransVoid (Transaction *transaction, const char *reason)
void xaccTransUnvoid (Transaction *transaction)
Transaction * xaccTransReverse (Transaction *transaction)
Transaction * xaccTransGetReversedBy (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransGetVoidStatus (const Transaction *transaction)
const char * xaccTransGetVoidReason (const Transaction *transaction)
Timespec xaccTransGetVoidTime (const Transaction *tr)

Transaction creation and editing

#define xaccTransLookupDirect(g, b)   xaccTransLookup(&(g),b)
Transaction * xaccMallocTransaction (QofBook *book)
void xaccTransDestroy (Transaction *trans)
Transaction * xaccTransClone (const Transaction *t)
gboolean xaccTransEqual (const Transaction *ta, const Transaction *tb, gboolean check_guids, gboolean check_splits, gboolean check_balances, gboolean assume_ordered)
void xaccTransBeginEdit (Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransCommitEdit (Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransRollbackEdit (Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransIsOpen (const Transaction *trans)
Transaction * xaccTransLookup (const GncGUID *guid, QofBook *book)
Transaction * xaccTransCopyToClipBoard (const Transaction *from_trans)
void xaccTransCopyOnto (const Transaction *from_trans, Transaction *to_trans)
void xaccTransCopyFromClipBoard (const Transaction *from_trans, Transaction *to_trans, const Account *from_acc, Account *to_acc, gboolean no_date)
Split * xaccTransFindSplitByAccount (const Transaction *trans, const Account *acc)
void xaccTransScrubGains (Transaction *trans, Account *gain_acc)
guint gnc_book_count_transactions (QofBook *book)

Transaction general getters/setters

#define xaccTransAppendSplit(t, s)   xaccSplitSetParent((s), (t))
gboolean xaccTransUseTradingAccounts (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSortSplits (Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSetTxnType (Transaction *trans, char type)
char xaccTransGetTxnType (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSetNum (Transaction *trans, const char *num)
void xaccTransSetDescription (Transaction *trans, const char *desc)
void xaccTransSetAssociation (Transaction *trans, const char *assoc)
void xaccTransSetNotes (Transaction *trans, const char *notes)
const char * xaccTransGetNum (const Transaction *trans)
const char * xaccTransGetDescription (const Transaction *trans)
const char * xaccTransGetAssociation (const Transaction *trans)
const char * xaccTransGetNotes (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSetIsClosingTxn (Transaction *trans, gboolean is_closing)
gboolean xaccTransGetIsClosingTxn (const Transaction *trans)
Split * xaccTransGetSplit (const Transaction *trans, int i)
int xaccTransGetSplitIndex (const Transaction *trans, const Split *split)
SplitListxaccTransGetSplitList (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransStillHasSplit (const Transaction *trans, const Split *s)
Split * xaccTransGetFirstPaymentAcctSplit (const Transaction *trans)
Split * xaccTransGetFirstAPARAcctSplit (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSetReadOnly (Transaction *trans, const char *reason)
void xaccTransClearReadOnly (Transaction *trans)
const char * xaccTransGetReadOnly (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransIsReadonlyByPostedDate (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransInFutureByPostedDate (const Transaction *trans)
int xaccTransCountSplits (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransHasReconciledSplits (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransHasReconciledSplitsByAccount (const Transaction *trans, const Account *account)
gboolean xaccTransHasSplitsInState (const Transaction *trans, const char state)
gboolean xaccTransHasSplitsInStateByAccount (const Transaction *trans, const char state, const Account *account)
gnc_commodity * xaccTransGetCurrency (const Transaction *trans)
void xaccTransSetCurrency (Transaction *trans, gnc_commodity *curr)
gnc_numeric xaccTransGetImbalanceValue (const Transaction *trans)
MonetaryList * xaccTransGetImbalance (const Transaction *trans)
gboolean xaccTransIsBalanced (const Transaction *trans)
gnc_numeric xaccTransGetAccountValue (const Transaction *trans, const Account *account)
gnc_numeric xaccTransGetAccountAmount (const Transaction *trans, const Account *account)
gboolean xaccTransGetRateForCommodity (const Transaction *trans, const gnc_commodity *split_com, const Split *split_to_exclude, gnc_numeric *rate)
gnc_numeric xaccTransGetAccountConvRate (const Transaction *txn, const Account *acc)
gnc_numeric xaccTransGetAccountBalance (const Transaction *trans, const Account *account)
int xaccTransOrder (const Transaction *ta, const Transaction *tb)
int xaccTransOrder_num_action (const Transaction *ta, const char *actna, const Transaction *tb, const char *actnb)

Detailed Description

API for Transactions and Splits (journal entries)

Copyright (C) 1997 Robin D. Clark
Copyright (C) 1997-2001 Linas Vepstas

Definition in file Transaction.h.