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convert single-entry accounts to clean double-entry More...

#include "gnc-engine.h"

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Double-Entry Scrubbing

Convert single-entry accounts to clean double-entry

Provides a set of functions and utilities for checking and repairing (formerly called 'scrubbing clean') single-entry accounts so that they can be promoted into self-consistent, clean double-entry accounts. Basically and additionally, this file collects all functions that turn old (deprecated) data structures into the current new data model.

The ScrubOrphans() methods search for transacations that contain splits that do not have a parent account. These "orphaned splits" are placed into an "orphan account" which the user will have to go into and clean up. Kind of like the unix "Lost+Found" directory for orphaned inodes.

void gnc_set_abort_scrub (gboolean abort)
 The gnc_set_abort_scrub () method causes a currently running scrub operation to stop, if abort is TRUE; gnc_set_abort_scrub(FALSE) must be called before any scrubbing operation.
gboolean gnc_get_abort_scrub (void)
gboolean gnc_get_ongoing_scrub (void)
 The gnc_get_ongoing_scrub () method returns TRUE if a scrub operation is ongoing.
void xaccTransScrubOrphans (Transaction *trans)
 The xaccTransScrubOrphans() method scrubs only the splits in the given transaction.
void xaccAccountScrubOrphans (Account *acc, QofPercentageFunc percentagefunc)
 The xaccAccountScrubOrphans() method performs this scrub only for the indicated account, and not for any of its children.
void xaccAccountTreeScrubOrphans (Account *acc, QofPercentageFunc percentagefunc)
 The xaccAccountTreeScrubOrphans() method performs this scrub for the indicated account and its children.
void xaccSplitScrub (Split *split)
 The xaccSplitScrub method ensures that if this split has the same commodity and currency, then it will have the same amount and value. More...
void xaccTransScrubSplits (Transaction *trans)
 The xacc*ScrubSplits() calls xaccSplitScrub() on each split in the respective structure: transaction, account, account & it's children, account-group.
void xaccAccountScrubSplits (Account *account)
void xaccAccountTreeScrubSplits (Account *account)
void xaccTransScrubImbalance (Transaction *trans, Account *root, Account *parent)
 The xaccScrubImbalance() method searches for transactions that do not balance to zero. More...
void xaccAccountScrubImbalance (Account *acc, QofPercentageFunc percentagefunc)
void xaccAccountTreeScrubImbalance (Account *acc, QofPercentageFunc percentagefunc)
void xaccTransScrubCurrency (Transaction *trans)
 The xaccTransScrubCurrency method fixes transactions without a common_currency by looking for the most commonly used currency among all the splits in the transaction. More...
void xaccAccountScrubCommodity (Account *account)
 The xaccAccountScrubCommodity method fixed accounts without a commodity by using the old account currency and security. More...
void xaccAccountTreeScrubCommodities (Account *acc)
 The xaccAccountTreeScrubCommodities will scrub the currency/commodity of all accounts & transactions in the specified account or any child account. More...
void xaccAccountTreeScrubQuoteSources (Account *root, gnc_commodity_table *table)
 This routine will migrate the information about price quote sources from the account data structures to the commodity data structures. More...
void xaccAccountScrubKvp (Account *account)
 Removes empty "notes", "placeholder", and "hbci" KVP slots from Accounts. More...
void xaccAccountScrubColorNotSet (QofBook *book)
 Remove color slots that have a "Not Set" value, since 2.4.0, fixed in 3.4 This should only be run once on a book.
void xaccTransScrubPostedDate (Transaction *trans)
 Changes Transaction date_posted timestamps from 00:00 local to 11:00 UTC. More...

Detailed Description

convert single-entry accounts to clean double-entry

Created by Linas Vepstas December 1998
Copyright (c) 1998-2000, 2003 Linas Vepstas

Definition in file Scrub.h.