GnuCash  2.6.18

Utilities to Convert Stock Accounts to use Lots. More...

#include "gnc-engine.h"

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Lot Management Routines

Provides the low-level API for checking and repairing ('scrubbing clean') the usage of Lots and lot balances in stock and commodity accounts. Broken lots are repaired using a first-in, first-out (FIFO) accounting schedule.

This is a 'low-level' API in the sense that each routine accomplishes only one particular task needed to clean up a Lot. To clean up a Lot as a whole, you almost certainly want to use one of the high-level API routines from the Scrub3.h file.

void xaccAccountAssignLots (Account *acc)
void xaccLotFill (GNCLot *lot)
void xaccLotScrubDoubleBalance (GNCLot *lot)
gboolean xaccScrubMergeSubSplits (Split *split, gboolean strict)
gboolean xaccScrubMergeLotSubSplits (GNCLot *lot, gboolean strict)

Detailed Description

Utilities to Convert Stock Accounts to use Lots.

Created by Linas Vepstas March 2003
Copyright (c) 2003 Linas Vepstas

Definition in file Scrub2.h.