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QuickFill.h File Reference

QuickFill is used to auto-complete typed user entries. More...

#include <glib.h>

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QuickFill * gnc_quickfill_new (void)
void gnc_quickfill_destroy (QuickFill *qf)
void gnc_quickfill_purge (QuickFill *qf)
const char * gnc_quickfill_string (QuickFill *qf)
 For the given node 'qf', return the best-guess matching string.
QuickFill * gnc_quickfill_get_char_match (QuickFill *qf, gunichar c)
 Return the subnode of the tree whose strings all hold 'c' as the next letter. More...
QuickFill * gnc_quickfill_get_string_match (QuickFill *qf, const char *str)
 Return a subnode in the tree whose strings all match the string 'str' as the next substring. More...
QuickFill * gnc_quickfill_get_string_len_match (QuickFill *qf, const char *str, int len)
 Same as gnc_quickfill_get_string_match(), except that the string length is explicitly specified.
QuickFill * gnc_quickfill_get_unique_len_match (QuickFill *qf, int *len)
 Walk a 'unique' part of the QuickFill tree. More...
void gnc_quickfill_insert (QuickFill *root, const char *text, QuickFillSort sort_code)
 Add the string "text" to the collection of searchable strings. More...
void gnc_quickfill_remove (QuickFill *root, const gchar *text, QuickFillSort sort_code)

Detailed Description

QuickFill is used to auto-complete typed user entries.

Copyright (C) 1997 Robin D. Clark
Copyright (C) 1998,2004 Linas Vepstas
Copyright (C) 2000 Dave Peticolas

Definition in file QuickFill.h.