Chapter 5. Setting Up, Editing & Working with Accounts

Table of Contents

5.1. Types of GnuCash Accounts
5.2. Creating a Chart of Accounts
5.3. Editing a Chart of Accounts
5.4. Creating a New Account
5.4.1. General Information Tab
5.4.2. Steps to enable Online Quotes updating
5.4.3. Opening Balance tab
5.5. Editing an Account
5.6. Renumbering Subaccounts
5.7. Deleting an Account
5.8. Reconciling an Account to a Statement
5.8.1. Reconciling Information
5.8.2. Reconcile

This section describes the process of setting up, editing and working with GnuCash Accounts. In GnuCash an Account is used as the basic tool to organize the recording of where money comes from and goes to. GnuCash also extends the concept of real world accounts such as a bank account or loan account to grouping income and expense accounts. This allows you to quickly see where you spent your money and what your major income and expenses are. GnuCash sets Account Types (as described in the next section) to help in organizing and grouping accounts. Account Types can be used to create a Chart of Accounts.