3.1. The Welcome to GnuCash! Screen

Figure 3.1. Welcome to GnuCash! Screen

“Welcome to GnuCash!” Screen

This screen is intended for you to use to get up and running quickly. The Cancel button is used to exit the screen. It will then prompt you with Display Welcome Dialog Again?.

Figure 3.2. Display Welcome Dialog Again?

Display Welcome Dialog Again?

If you do not want to see the Welcome to GnuCash! menu again click the No button. Click the Yes button or press the keyboard Enter key for the default which is to have the Welcome to GnuCash! screen run again.


Selecting either of these options will leave you with a minimal GnuCash main window. Operations in this window are described in Chapter 4, GnuCash Windows & Menus.

Figure 3.3. Minimal GnuCash main window

Minimal GnuCash main window