Chapter 9. Reports And Charts

Table of Contents

9.1. Introduction
9.1.1. Saving a Report Configuration
9.1.2. Working with Saved Report Configurations
9.2. Configuring Reports and Charts
9.2.1. Report Options Buttons
9.2.2. Common Report Options
9.3. Reports Listed By Class
9.3.1. General Reports
9.3.2. Assets & Liabilities
9.3.3. Business Reports
9.3.4. Income & Expense
9.3.5. Sample & Custom
9.3.6. Budget
9.3.7. Country Specific Reports
9.4. Printing or Exporting Reports and Charts
9.5. Creating or Modifying Reports and Charts
9.5.1. Accessing the GnuCash Application Programming Interface (API)
9.5.2. Report Rendering

This section is a work in process. Some of the material has not been reviewed for V2.0. While it may not be strictly accurate, it is at least a "guide".