6.9. Removing Transaction Splits

Removing Transaction Splits involves erasing all splits except the one for the account that is opened. This is a useful way of reusing a previous transaction that has multiple splits that need to be changed. (Note this can be done without opening the split, but doing so makes the effect more visible)

  1. If in Basic Ledger, press the Split button on the Toolbar or select ActionsSplit Transaction to open the transaction. If in other modes select transaction.

  2. Select TransactionRemove Transaction Splits .

    A window will appear to confirm the delete, unless the preference has been changed. The window presents two options; "Remember and don’t ask again", and "Remember and don’t ask again this session". The response will be set according to the selected checkbox. The preference can also be reset via ActionsReset Warnings . Section 10.6, “Reset Warnings...”.

  3. All Accounts and their related details will be removed except for the currently opened account.

  4. The amount is not balanced and GnuCash will indicate this by placing gray check-boxes in the amount columns with the unbalanced amount in the blank last row.

  5. Edit the transaction to fill in the new details.