9.4. Printing or Exporting Reports and Charts


Verify !!! How customize printing with Gnome?

GnuCash is able to print reports and to export the reports to HTML (web) pages. The Print GnuCash Document dialog is accessed from the Print button on the toolbar or go to FilePrint in the menu. To Export a report to a web page (HTML) select the Export button on the Toolbar and type in a file name.

Most reports, being presented in HTML, can also be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet.

The Print GnuCash Document dialog is used to select which Printer to send the print job to or to print to a File. It also contains a Preview button to view the document before printing. Press Print to send the job to the selected printer or Cancel to dismiss the Print dialog.

Printing from an open register prints the Account Report, which is also called the Register Report. This lists transactions in the account with a total. Other reports print as viewed in the Report screen.