6.15. Printing Checks

Checks are printed in GnuCash from the account register. GnuCash provides the ability to print to several standard Quicken Checks (including US Letter) or to make a custom check format. Check position and Date formats are also customizable.

To print a single check in GnuCash, select the transaction to print a check for and go to FilePrint Checks . This will open the Print Checks properties dialog to print the selected transaction.

To print multiple checks in GnuCash execute a search to find the transactions you wish to print. With the search results window as the front window go to FilePrint Checks . This will open the Print Checks properties dialog to print all the transactions in the search results window.

The Print Checks dialog has two tabs. The first tab, Options, is used to setup the most common options to print a check. The second tab, Custom format, is used to setup the position of various fields on the check. It is useful to print a test check to a plain piece of paper first and use that to make any adjustments needed.

The default selection in Options is for Quicken/Quickbooks (tm) US-Letter checks.

The Custom format tab has two sections. The top half of the window (above the dividing line) allows you to position the fields in each check. It contains two columns to enter in the X and Y co-ordinates of the field position on the check. Positions in the Custom Check Format entry area are specified with x = 0 at the left edge of the check with x increasing to the right, and y = 0 at the top edge of the check with y increasing as you travel down. (If you are using a version of GTK prior to 2.10, then y = 0 is at the bottom of the page and y increases as you travel up.)

The part of the custom format tab below the dividing line contains fields to position the entire check correctly on the page. The Translation field is the distance from the top left corner and the Rotation field rotates the check clockwise by the indicated amount.

The Units field in the bottom half of the window specifies the units used in all the fields in both halves of the window.

Once OK is pressed on the Print Check dialog the Print GnuCash Document dialog is presented. Press OK to print the check.