10.2. Saved Reports Configurations Concepts

Once you have modified a report to meet your needs, you may wish to save that report for reuse at a later point. GnuCash allows custom reports to be saved, using the Save Report Configuration command.

Procedure 10.1. Save a report configuration

  1. Go to the Reports Menu and choose the desired report.

  2. Change the settings on the report until it includes what is needed.

  3. Go to the General tab of the report's options and change the Report Name to something meaningful (Do not confuse this with the Report Title.)

  4. Apply the changes and close the dialog.

  5. Click the Save Report Configuration or Save Report Configuration As... button.

This will store the report options in a file in your home directory.

The first time you save a report with a name that has not already been saved, you can use either the Save Report Configuration or the Save Report Configuration As... button. You can modify the report name before saving it.

Once a report has been saved with the current name, the Save Report Configuration button will immediately update the saved report configuration. Use the Save Report Configuration As... button to save the current report configuration with a new name.

Saved report configurations are available for use under the ReportsSaved Report Configurations entry. They will also be available for use on multicolumn reports.

Saved report configurations can be deleted in the Saved Report Configurations dialog by clicking the trashcan icon.

To edit saved report configurations, open the report via ReportsSaved Report Configurations , edit and apply the new options, and click Save Report Configuration.